Our Unique Process


STEP 1 - Initial Consultation/Lot Selection & Evaluation.  Our staff will meet with you to explain the homebuilding process and assist you in the selection of a suitable homesite.  Whether or not you already own a lot, we will provide a complimentary site evaluation in order to ensure that the homesite can accomodate all of your building requirements.


STEP 2- Select and Customize Your Home Plan.  In designing your individual home, you may start with a base floor plan chosen from our extensive library or meet with our architects/designers to provide a fully custom single family home design.  Utilizing your input and feedback, your plans will be continually refined until all of your required features and amenities have been sucessfully included.  There is NO charge for these up-front services.


STEP 3 - Determine How Much Your Home Will Cost.  Once the preliminary design has been completed, we will provide you with a guaranteed price for your home inclusive of all the features, amenities and material selections specificed on your plans.  If needed, we'll also assist you in attaining any required financing by utilizing our financial partners who offer special programs tailored to the homebuilding industry.


STEP 4 - Complete the Paperwork.  Not until every one of your questions are answered and each of your concerns are addressed will we ask you to commit to a home purchase.   All prelimary design work and corresponding price quotations are provided up-front at no cost to our customers.  Once you are comfortable that all details have been fully addressed, final contract documents will be provided for the construction of your home.  These documents always include guarantees for both the full scope of work to be performed by us, as well as the guaranteed price for the work contracted.  In this manner, our straightforward homebuilding process ensures there will never be any unwelcome surprises or hidden costs.


STEP 5 - Pre-Construction Preparation.  Once the contract has been executed, working drawings are finalized for your home.  Prior to beginning construction, we'll meet with you to review the final plans one last time to make certain that all details have been fully incorporated per your requirements.  Municipal approvals are then attained so that construction of your one-of-a-kind home can commence.



STEP 7 - Pre-closing Preparation.  As the finishing of construction nears on your home, we will notify you of the targeted completion date so that you may prepare for closing.  We'll assist you in coordinating any issues with your lender or attorney to insure that all required paperwork is in order.  Prior to closing, we will conduct a final walk-through with you in order to note any incomplete or correctable items so that every detail in your home is just right when you move in.


STEP 8 - Closing and Move-In.  Closing will occur once the home has been fully constructed and the final walk-through has taken place.  Immediately thereafter, you may move into your new home and we'll assist you in any way we can to help streamline your transistion. 


STEP 9 - Ongoing Customer Care.  Of course, just because we've finalized the construction of your home, we realize our job is not yet done.  We'll be around to provide an exeptional level of customer care should any warranty items arise after your move-in.  As experienced by our scores of past clients, we trust that you'll look back fondly on your building experience as you enjoy your new dream home!



STEP 6 - Construction Begins.  Groundbreaking occurs once all required permits and approvals are granted.   We'll keep you posted on the construction process and meet with you on-site as needed to address any concerns.  Prior to the installation of drywall, you will be asked to attend a walk-through of the home to ensure that all of the homes structural features have been constructed to your satisfaction prior to the commencement of any finish work.  Finishing work on your home will then begin.