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Why an Elliott Home


It's simple....... We'll utilize 65+ years of development experience to provide a host of pre-planning services before requiring any commitments or financial expenditures from you.


Complimentary due diligence services assist with lot evaluation & acquisition, zoning compliance checks, specialized construction financing as well as development of floor plans, exterior architecture, and building specifications.


All home designs are tailored to your individual requirements in conformance to your Budget.  Once pre-planning is complete, we’ll offer a Fixed Price Contract to protect you from future price fluctuations.



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STEP 1 - Site Evaluation/Acquisition/Zoning Compliance.

Before you purchase a site, we’ll meet in person to explain the overall homebuilding process and assist with the search/selection of a suitable property. Even if you already own a lot, we’ll ensure the site will meet all of your building needs and conform to applicable zoning requirements.

1. Site Evaluation/Acquisition/Zoning Compliance
Site Plan2  02-03-22.jpg
2. Custom Home Plans/Financing

STEP 2 - Plan Development/Construction Financing.

We’ll develop one-of-a-kind floor plans and exterior elevations in accordance with your budget. Utilizing your input/feedback over multiple iterations, your plans will be refined until all required features have been successfully incorporated.  We’ll also begin to assist with any required construction financing by referring specialized construction lenders who will streamline the approval process and provide pre-approvals for the project.

lrg showroom  02-03-22.jpg

STEP 3 - Determine All Specifications, Finishes, Material Selections.

Upon creation of a full set of home plans, all building specifications, construction finishes and material selections will be reviewed and decided upon by you in order to determine the full scope of Contract work.  

contract signing  02-02-22.jpg
4. Establish Final Pricing/Contract

STEP 4 - Establish Final Pricing/Execute Guaranteed Fixed Price Contract.

A firm Contract Price is established after all plans and specifications have been agreed upon. Our company will provide a Guaranteed Fixed Cost Construction Contract to protect you from future market cost fluctuations.  With all pre-development work completed to your satisfaction and all questions answered, a Construction Contract is executed.

3. Determine All Specifications
Under Construction-general  02-03-22.jpg
5. Commencement of Construction

STEP 5 - Commencement of Construction Activities.

Once the Construction Contract has been fully executed, pre-construction activities begin and ground-breaking subsequently takes place. We provide all guidance and supervision of the entire construction process to simplify and streamline your homebuilding experience.

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